Everything you need to know about vehicle warranties.

The process of buying an automobile doesn’t stop once you got your car. There are a series of maintenance and repairs afterward. If you want to save money and time caring for your vehicles, a car warranty will help you become cost-savvy. A car warranty can be taken as the manufacturer’s guarantee that it will replace… Continue reading Everything you need to know about vehicle warranties.

Best Way To Replace A V5 Logbook

V5 Logbooks: What Every Motorist Needs to Know

Most of us, at some point, will either buy a car second hand or sell our old car on. Between 2003 and 2014, 75.5% of cars sold were Used. That’s a lot of pre-owed cars on the road! And, as we all know, buying and selling cars requires some important paperwork – most importantly, your V5.

Unlike your MOT, Road Tax and Driving License, which have been digitised for the 21st Century, the V5 remains a physical document. Which means we inevitably end up misplacing it amongst the piles of paperwork we have in the bottom of the wardrobe. And we can never find it when we need it!

So how do you get a new V5? Do you need a replacement logbook? Is your V5 lost? What help can the DVLA give you? We have all the answers you need bellow.

What is a V5, anyway?

A V5, also known as a V5C or Vehicle Logbook, is issued by the DVLA. It’s the legal document of proof of ownership for your vehicle, and contains your car’s specific details. The logbook also keeps track of the registered keeper of the vehicle when it’s bought and sold. So, you need to have access to the V5 when buying or selling you car, and make sure it’s up to date.

When do I need to update my V5?

If your name or address has changed since you bought your car, you’ll need to update your V5. Also, if you’ve made any changes to your car, or if it’s been scrapped or written off, you’ll need to update your V5. Changes to your vehicle include:

  • colour
  • engine
  • chassis
  • fuel type
  • Vehicle Identification Number

Full details of changes that need to be updated can be found on the DVLA website.

How do I update my V5?

Updating your V5 can be done through the DVLA, and is usually free. Simply write the updated information in the relevant section of your V5 logbook and post it to the DVLA. Note that any changes in your name and address must also be changed on your Driving Licence.

How do I replace my V5?

If you need to get a new V5, you need to do this through the DVLA. It costs £25 to replace a logbook. However, if you are waiting for a new V5 and it doesn’t arrive within 6 weeks, contact the DVLA and they will replace it for free.

How long does a replacement/updated V5 take to arrive?

It takes up to 6 weeks for a new V5 to arrive in the post.

As you can see, replacing you V5 logbook can be a time consuming task. So here’s how you can avoid the inconvenience of having to replace it unnecessarily:

Download the Pocket Box App to have all your documents easily accessible when you’re on the go. Including storing a scanned copy of your V5.

The beauty of our App is that you can access everything you need from your phone with the tap of the screen. Pocket Box allows you to keep all of your motoring information in one place. So even if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, or at your mechanics, you can access the details you need quickly and easily.

If you’re in any doubt, contact the DVLA for information and advice.

The DVLA has answers to all the questions you have when it comes to the documentation your vehicle needs. All the information and forms you may need are available via their Government website.

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