Pocket Box+,
The White Labelled Customer Engagement App.

Pocket Box+ allows you to engage with your customers in a unique and mutually beneficial way. Get your brand in front of users through hundreds of touch points within the Pocket Box Ecosystem and in return your customers get timely reminders for upcoming expiries, great deals on insurance, other automotive products and much more! 


Pocket Box+ offers hassle free customer retention and engagement!

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How Does Pocket Box+ Work?

Give Back

Simply give your customers and anyone who visits your forecourt or business your FREE Pocket Box app using your unique QR code or Deep Link. When they install the Pocket Box app they will be automatically connected to your company’s Pocket Box including your branding, corporate colours and contact details.

Advertise Offers

With the Pocket Box Marketplace you can advertise you special offers without spending hundreds of pounds on fancy marketing campaigns.

Reap The Rewards

Every time a document or policy is due to expire, you customers will get several branded emails and push notifications from your company. These helpful emails are more engaging and less pushy than your average sales email or marketing campaign.

Long Lasting Relationships

What are the benefits?

Increased Customer Loyalty

Build a base of loyal fans, you've sold them the car, part or accessory, now give them something for FREE, something they can use to help them manage all of their family's vehicles.

Cost Effective Engagement

The next time a user thinks about buying a car, they will remember your company first. This is a direct effect of the many touch points Pocket Box+ gives to its customers. The key to return business isn't trying to sell customers something when they don't need it, it's being the first company they think of when the do need it!

Save Time and Money

Have you ever thought of having your very own app? One that your customers could use to see your offers and stay in touch with your business? Pocket Box offers this app without the huge expense developing an app, time it involves in testing and man-hours it takes to manage it. All while offering a fantastic service for your customers.

Our Friends

Helping Us Achieve Greatness

Thanks to these organisations we have been able to grow Pocket Box into the established Automotive app you see today.

Easy Contacts
You're just a tap

Your Contact Details are easily accessible from the main menu on the Pocket Box app. Everything from Direct Phone number to GPS and Website.

Helpful Reminders
Stay relevant all year round!

Your customers get consistent emails throughout the year keeping your brand in front of them without pushing a hard sell.

The easiest way to keep your customer loyal and engaged.

Everyone recognises the big cola brands, or fast food outlets… this isn’t because they taste better than a local fast-food chain but because they invest in their corporate image, through constant and consistent advertising and marketing. Pocket Box is the easiest and most cost-effective way to promote your brand to previous customers and offer deals to perspective new customers.